Phone Stand • Sign • Walnut


Sign is a new designer product made by the MoonWood Spirit team.

 Stylish and practical handmade cellphone stand is:

 –  Convenience. Enjoy new accessory at home or in the office – wherever and whenever you want

 –  Versatility. Choose vertical or horizontal position of the cellphone for both watching videos and hands-free communication

 – Design that allows you to choose the angle of inclination of the cellphone for clearer perspective and image quality

– Gift that captivates with its sophistication and functionality. 

Each stand is made of natural wood and treated with high-quality German oil, which protects from the influence of external factors.

Leather pads prevent slipping and protect from scratches.

13 x 7 x 11,5 см




– Alder and birch veneer – inner layers
– Walnut veneer – outer layers
– Genuine leather


Use a soft, clean cloth to clean the handbag. Don’t use any wet wipes for stain removal. They contain alcohol, that can damage the leather.
Avoid long contact with water. In case of wetting, wipe with a dry cloth, and let it dry naturally. Don’t use any additional heaters.
Don’t store product in sealed plastic bags.
Don’t leave your handbag in direct sunlight.

Payment and shipping

Since all the products are handmade, please, allow us 15 days for crafting process.

Payment: online payment by card on the website.
Shipping in Ukraine is done by Nova Posta. Shipping fee according to Nova Posta rates.

Worldwide delivery is carried out by UkrPoshta (express delivery upon request), just email us before placing your order.

Return policy

If for some reasons the product isn’t up to your liking, you can ship it back. We will refund your payment as soon as we receive it back and check for damage. Unfortunately we can’t refund shipping fee.
Any refunded item must be in new condition and must be refunded in the original packaging.
As every product is made with natural materials, therefore some differences in color and texture are acceptable.

Additional information

Weight 90 g
Dimensions 130 x 70 x 115 mm